Poland gave birth to 30 saints and 225 blessed who were officially recognized by the Holy See:

Saints and Blessed of Poland

We are going to meet some of them on our WYD pilgrimage.

Choose your own Holy Friend and get to know him/her by writing an essay, making a presentation or a video related to his/her person.

The best works will be rewarded.

Saint Bruno of Querfurt

+1009 AD

Missionary bishop and martyr who was beheaded by those to whom he was sent.

Saint Stanisław Kostka

+1568 AD

A seminarian born to Heaven at the age of 17.

Blessed Five from Poznan

+1942 AD

Beheaded by German Nazi’s at age of 20-23.

Faithful to the end (see their letters before the execution.)

Saint Sister Theresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)

+1942 AD

A Carmelite nun martyr in German Death Camp in Auschwitz.

Saint Urszula Ledóchowska

+1939 AD

A missionary nun. She is the foundress of the Congregation of the Ursulines of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus. Her body remains uncorrupted.

Our Lady of Gietrzwald

Marian shrine commemorating  the apparition of Our Lady in 1887 AD. This apparition was officially recognized as authentic by the Holy See.

Blessed Karolina Kozka

+1914 AD 

A virgin Martyred at the age of 16 defending her Virginity.

Saint Brother Albert

+1916 AD

A religious who left art to follow Christ. He inspired Pope John Paul II to do the same.

Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko

+1987 AD

A priest tortured and drowned at the age of 37.

Saint Sister Faustyna Kowalska

+1938 AD 

A Polish nun, mystic and the apostle of God’s Mercy.

Saint Casimir

+1484 AD

Polish Prince, a Virgin  who was born to heaven at the age of 25. Known for his generosity towards the needy. Before his death some members of the royal court were trying to make him fall into fornication as a possible cure to his illness. Casimir died resisting these temptations.

Saint Jadwiga Andegaweńska

+1399 AD 

A queen of Poland. She was a holy wife and mother, who lost her child and died herself at the age of 26 because of the complications after giving birth.

Saint John Paul II

+2005 AD

A pope and initiator of World Youth Days. Patron of young Catholics and families.

Saint Maximilian Kolbe

+1941 AD

A franciscan priest, who volunteered to die in place of a stranger in the German Death Camp of Auschwitz. He is the patron saint of drug addicts, political prisoners, families, journalists.

Saint Stanislaus of Szczepanów

+1079 AD

A bishop slayed by the king’s sword while celebrating the Eucharist.

Our Lady of Sorrows in Skrzatusz

In 1683 the Muslim army was defeated in Vienna by a Polish king, who attributed his victory to the intercession of Our Lady of Sorrows in Skrzatusz.

Saint Andrzej Bobola

+1657 AD

A Polish missionary, martyred by an extensive torture: he was burned; skinned; his nose, ears, eyes, and tongue were cut off. His body miraculously survived to this day, it can be seen in the Shrine.

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